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Is your dream of becoming a Multi-Unit Franchisee harder than you thought?

You acquired a franchise to fulfill a dream of business ownership and financial independence. You thought that by buying a franchise you would get everything you needed to make that happen… and then you started running your business.

You've spent long hours trying to figure it out, but you're still lost. It's not only costing you a lot of time but a lot of wasted money too.

It's not your fault.

Stop the struggle and achieve the success of top-performing multi-unit franchisees.

You deserve to run a successful multi-unit franchisee and have a district manager to delegate operations to and get the Time and Financial Freedom that you dreamed of.

The Multi-Unit Franchisee MasterClass is the most comprehensive class that will teach you everything you need to learn in one place. You will learn what you need to know and implement to build a successful enterprise that you can scale with confidence and clarity.

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The 4 Pillars to Become a Successful Multi-Unit Franchisee

Managing your business doesn't need to be difficult. All you need to do is implement disciplined management systems that will allow your team to run your business like a well-oiled machine.


How to hire and retain the best people for the roles you need.


How to increase sales year after year with more efficiency.


How to reduce waste and increase your profits.


How to grow your enterprise with success.

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Join This 4-Day Masterclass

This 4-day, 60-minutes per day workshop is full of tactical and practical best practices that you can put in place immediately and start seeing your business improve as soon as you start implementing them! Add value to your business from Day 1.

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Day 1: Tuesday

  • The 3 Roles of¬†successful Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • TEAM: How to hire, retain and inspire¬†the best people

Day 2: Wednesday

  • INCOME: How to capture, protect and increase revenue year after year

Day 3: Thursday

  • PROFIT: How to create a culture of metrics, control cost, increase profit, and cashflow

Day 3: Friday

  • SCALE: How to open new units successfully.¬† When to hire a District Manager and how many units should they over see.
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Get Your Customized Roadmap

Register now to attend this 4-day event where you’ll walk away with a complete, customized action plan to create a cash-flowing and growing multi-unit enterprise.

This is not an informational session. This is not theory. This is a content-packed course designed to leave with you a plan of action that you can take on your business immediately.

If you’re ready to trade your time for massive value, register now.

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Meet Your Guide, Aicha.

Aicha Bascaro, CEO of the American Franchise Academy™, is a professional franchise business growth strategist who has helped hundreds of small and medium franchise and independent business owners become successful multi-unit entrepreneurs. She is a 30-year veteran in the franchise world with companies like Domino's, Popeyes, and Olive Garden.

She is the author of the Best Selling Books "The Franchise Fix" and "Multi-unit Franchise Mastery". Her expertise in working with business owners to implement systems, develop leadership qualities, provide people strategies, manage risk and cost, and gain profitable growth. 

Receive Three Bonuses!

Bonus #1:

Your registration will include an electronic copy of the Amazon Best Selling 122-page Book "Multi-Unit Franchise Mastery":  How to transform your one-unit JOB into a Multi-Unit ENTERPRISE.

Bonus #2:

Learn the 7 Responsibilities of a MULTI-UNIT LEADER (District Manager) and improve your business with more productivity and efficiency.

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Bonus #3:

Learn the 4 critical leadership and management skills of a successful unit manager and get the most profit out of each unit.

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