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#1 Way to Reduce Turnover

culture leadership people Aug 22, 2023
Reduce turnover

Many business owners are experiencing the same challenge in their company: finding great people to run the business. And I would add not only hiring but also reducing turnover.

If you are also struggling with this issue, I want to share with you that there’s a way to reduce turnover in your organization! And that is to care about your people

It’s not as simple as it sounds. You need to look deep into your soul and analyze what are your intentions and focus when you run your business. Are you truly focusing on your people or on growing your company? Is profit your biggest driver? Are you just running operations? 

When you care about your team, your number one priority will be your people. And normally, if you do this, you’ll mostly do the right things, which will inevitably translate into business success

Why? Your customer's experience will never exceed your employee's experience. And for that reason, the time, effort, and money you put into caring for your people will come back to you ten times over. 

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What does caring for your people look like?

When you protect and watch over your employees, you do certain things naturally. Review the following statements and if you are not doing any of these actions, make an effort and get to work. It will be worth it! 

Search for education. You make sure they are properly trained, focusing on the areas they need to reinforce to feel comfortable, capable, and confident at their job.

Build a strong team. You put attention to the hiring process to bring top talent to your company. That way, you ensure your people are surrounded by other great people that align with your culture.

Give them what they need. In terms of the right tools, equipment, maintenance, and support so they can do their job the best possible way. 

Discover these critical employee needs and how to meet them

Provide opportunities. You create policies and procedures to help them go from a team member to a leader in your organization.

You also are clear on the objectives and goals they need to achieve to scale and, once they do, recognize and reward them. And, if they don't accomplish what was expected, you provide what they need, whether it is training, tools, support, or simply, encouragement. 


All those things happen when you provide for your people, and each of these strategies helps you improve retention in your organization

But caring and doing the right thing is not enough. You have to make sure that your team is aware of this effort. A lot of times, employees miss that the reason why you're doing all of these things is because you care about them. 

That is when the magic happens! Once your people see the evidence that you actually care about them, the commitment, loyalty and that extra effort will come. And then, the turnover will go down in your organization

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The next time you want to improve your retention, or better said, reduce your turnover, make a check on yourself and your leaders. And remember: to have a successful business for the long term, you must improve the morale, the culture, and the work experience first.

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  • Do you and your leaders truly care about your people?
  • How are you showing this to your employees?
  • Are they aware of what is driving your actions?
  • How are you attracting top talent to your organization?