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3 Ways to Inspire Your Leaders to Stay Longer

culture leadership people Aug 08, 2023
Inspire your leaders


Hiring and keeping the leaders you need for your organization is one of the most critical activities you must do to have long-term success in your organization. Especially nowadays with the staffing challenges happening in our industry and fewer people wanting to become leaders year after year. 

That’s why it is important that, as a business owner or franchisee, you do everything within your power to inspire your leaders to grow within your organization. 

These are three strategies you can implement to make that happen.

  • It’s worth the effort! If your leaders feel inspired and stay with you for many years, you’ll be able to achieve your business and financial goals. 


1. Creating a positive company culture

It is said that employees join a company because they feel attracted to the benefits they’ll have. But the reason they stay is because of the culture they experience at work every day

If you create a healthy and positive culture, where people feel appreciated, respected, and rewarded for their effort and achievements, and a place where they enjoy working with their fellow teammates, you will reduce your turnover. 

Where do you start? First of all, you have to define what is your mission. Hint: it cannot be just about the product/service you deliver, nor the profit you want to make. Your mission should include the benefits you want to pass on to your employees. 

Defining your mission, vision, and values is not something you frame in your office. You have to live these every day and inspire people to do it as well, so you can create that positive, amazing culture, together.


2. Give them proper training

Your leaders want to do a good job, and it is your responsibility to provide them with the knowledge, training, and tools they need to succeed in their roles. Not only in the technical and operational areas but also in terms of skills.

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If you do that, they will feel satisfied and happy with their performance and development, as well as capable and confident in the activities they have to do every day. 

But facilitating that training is not enough. You have to also do a follow-up and make sure they are getting what they need. Check on them and ask how the training is going, so you can confirm they understand how to implement your organization’s systems and processes.

Getting involved in their training process will not only give you peace of mind. On the one hand, it will help you verify they are getting the most out of it. And, if there’s something they are missing, you can then provide it. 

On the other, it will be a way to demonstrate how much you appreciate and encourage them.


3. Design a career path for them

The third thing you should do to inspire your leaders to stay with you in the long term is to create a clear career path for them to grow. That way, they’ll know exactly what steps they have to take and what knowledge they require to advance in their career and increase their professional and financial standing.

If they understand how to can move up in the organization and make more money, they’ll have significant reasons to stay with you. 

But beware. You must share these growth opportunities with the entire team because you just never know where the next leader is coming from and you have a much better chance of success if it comes from within your staff. 

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Developing those career paths will inspire your team members because they will know exactly what to do if they aspire to be a leader

But again, the task is not only to write that path but to help them transit through it. Check-in with those who show interest to see how they're doing, their progress, and if they have any questions. 

It's up to you as their leader to get to know your people one by one and discover their hopes and desires, and follow up with them to make sure they are moving forward. But it will be up to them to work to make it happen. 


If you are a growing multi-unit franchisee, doing these three strategies is critical not only to hiring and developing people but to retaining great leaders so you can grow and scale your organization

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  • Are you aware of how your employees are experiencing your company culture?
  • How are you helping your top talent to grow within your company?
  • Are you getting involved in your leader’s training process?
  • What strategies are you implementing to retain your workers?