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Dear Franchisee: You are not alone! Learn here how The American Franchise Academy™ can help you!

district manager multi-unit franchising Dec 15, 2021
How The American Franchise Academy™ can help

The American Franchise Academy mission is to share knowledge, tools and resources so that business owners and franchisees can make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. And we have done that for many of our clients, and on this blog post, I want to share who are we and how we can help you too!

Our History and Purpose

I am a 30-year veteran in the franchise industry, and I worked from the very bottom of the organizational structure to the very top. I have experience in global SMB 500 brands like Domino's Pizza, Popeyes and Olive Garden running operations in company units, multistate ones, and helping master franchisees around the world open new markets.

I have also worked in corporate headquarters, collaborating directly with CEOs. All of these helped me build relationships with successful top-performing franchisees and franchise owners. After 25 years, I took a little sabbatical. But then, people started to reach out to me for help and guidance for their business.

It didn’t matter to me. Actually, one of my passions is teaching and training people. I have always shared the information and the best practices that I have learned throughout my career, not only from my own experience but from those of the great franchise leaders I have known.

My sabbatical turned into a consulting experience. Then, I decided to evolve into coaching because my intention was not to give my clients “the fish”, but to teach them “how to fish”. That is, I wanted them to get the necessary tools and knowledge so that they were able to take control of their business even if I wasn't around.

Then through time and clients’ requests, I started to write books as a way to spread that knowledge and information to other franchisees. My first one is called The Franchise Fix, the second one is Multi-unit Franchise Mastery.

Go to to order my first book. You can also find it on Amazon or your local book stores.

In 2016 we decided to found The American Franchise Academy to formalize our support to franchisees and franchisors and provide them with processes, procedures, and knowledge for their business.

Every new day, we remember the one thing that we work for. Our purpose is to protect the American dream of business ownership through franchising. That is our focus and passion, and we put all our knowledge and experience so we can do just that.

 The Franchise Key to Success

Franchising is booming because of the systems the brands implement in their business. The most profitable franchises work under specific procedures to create an outcome. Those procedures together become processes, which help them accomplish goals. The sum of those processes transforms into a series of systems that the brands document and use to train their franchisees, so that they can, in turn, duplicate the brand day after day. That the key to their success. But that’s only 50% of the formula.

The franchise business model has two parts. First, the brand and the brand systems involving the products, the services to sell that product, the image, and the regional and national marketing. This is what franchisees obtain when they buy a franchise.

What they don’t get are the procedures, processes, and systems that have to happen on the business side, which is what I call business systems. They have four pillars:

  • Team: how to hire, retain and inspire the best people.
  • Income: how to manage and protect the money, and the implementation of projects and systems to increase the revenue year over year.
  • Profits: how to manage costs and expenses, and minimize the waste.
  • Scale: how to grow from one unit to two, three, and so on, until you have a multi-unit organization.

The lack of these is why so many people reach out to us, because buying a brand is not enough. You need to have those business management systems to make a profit, grow, and support yourself with the best team. If you don’t have the other 50% of the formula, it doesn’t matter if you have the most renowned brand, you won’t be able to enjoy true financial and time freedom. That’s where The American Franchise Academy comes in.

Learn here the 6 reasons why multi-unit franchises fail.

 Here’s How We Can Help You!

We support our clients so that they can accomplish their dreams and goals, and we do it through two programs. The first one is for the development of multi-unit franchises, dedicated to those franchisees that want to grow. We provide them with the tools, the resources, and the guidance on how to do that.

Learn all about our Multi-Unit Ownership Certification Program.

Our second program is for the development of district managers, where we train district managers on their roles, responsibilities, and routines they should implement every day to be effective. This is available either for you if you are currently overseeing multiple stores, or for your existing or future district managers.

Get more information about our Multi-Unit Leadership Certification.

We constantly have information sessions where we explore these programs and their benefits. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss our upcoming sessions!

As I’m writing these last words, all of my clients come to mind. Especially one that joined us last year and that was juggling between opening her fourth unit and trying to oversee the other three.

Through our program, training, and support not only does she now have four successful units, but she also has a district manager that assists her. She is currently in Hawaii enjoying vacation time away from her business, just like any franchisee should be able to do, with an operating and profitable business back home.

That is what we want for all of our clients. And we are determined to partner with them to help them grow their business and achieve their goals as well as their team’s. Are you up for it? We sure are!


 Are you enjoying your business or struggling with it?

  • Do you have the other 50% of the franchise success formula?
  • What are you lacking to make your business goals come true?
  • Is your franchise meeting your financial and time freedom expectations?